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Face Paint Recipes

These easy face paint recipes show how to make homemade face paint using common household ingredients. Mix and store in baby food jars or discarded film canisters. Be ready for your next kids party or dress-up event. HOMEMADE FACE PAINT RECIPES Facepaint Recipe #1 1 tsp. Cornstarch ½ tsp. Cold cream ½ tsp. Water Food coloring (variety of colors) Mix together cornstarch and cold cream until well blended. Add water and stir. Add food coloring one drop at a time until you get the desired color........ Read More

Need Face Painting Examples For Your Kid’s Party?

It’s amazing how our creativity seems to have no boundaries. Artistry has gone a long way and different mediums have cropped up. But when it comes to art, most people would think about big pictures by talented artists who someday would have a name as big as the price tag attached to their work. But artistry is not just for the highly talented, mostly, artistry begins with children and this is where its purity lies unchanged. Face painting is an art where people, with or without exceptiona........ Read More

Ideas For Halloween Face Painting

Halloween is fun both for adults and young kids. If you've enjoyed painting pumpkins with your family and friends, you will surely enjoy face painting during this special occasion. You can scare the wits out of young kids and even adults if you paint scary faces once they knock on your door and ask the same old line – 'trick or treat'. Here are some excellent ideas for Halloween face painting. Pumpkin – you can paint a pumpkin on both sides of your cheeks. The pumpkin should be bri........ Read More

How To Do Face Painting

Face painting is extremely popular with children of all ages. If you want to learn how to do face painting you will find it is quite simple to do, but ideally you should be reasonably good at drawing pictures. The best way to learn how to do face painting is just to have a go. Obtain a book about how to do face painting from your local library and go out and purchase a few face paint packs, sponges and brushes. The books will tell you all you need to know on how to get you started. If you fin........ Read More

Face Painting Ideas

If you are planning an event with children, but don’t know what to do, you may want to offer face painting. Children love to have this done, and they often take their time choosing the perfect design. They love to imagine they are someone or something else, and this is a great way for them to do just that. The best part is that you don’t have to be a great artist to come up with face painting ideas. There are many out there if you know where to look. One of the first places you can look........ Read More

Face Painting Tips For Your Kids Party

If you can apply your own make-up or doodle a simple design, you can learn to face paint for a kids party. With these easy tips and techniques and a little practice, you'll be turning out all sorts of colorful characters. Find out how to achieve spectacular results and the admiration of children and parents alike. First and foremost, inform parents that there will be face painting at your party. Check for any skin allergies. Do not paint children with open cuts or rashes. Prepare by obtaining t........ Read More

Useful Ideas For Face Painting For Beginners

There are many styles and techniques used in painting. Some painters paint over canvas, stones, walls, paper, and many others. But did you know that face painting is gaining popularity over the years? Face painting started many years ago. In fact, ancient people already practiced face paintings like the Egyptians and many other tribes. Today, people love face painting. It gives them pleasure and at the same time, they are also having fun. If you want to learn face painting, you should make........ Read More

The Many Faces Of Face Painting

Face painting is one of the cherished activities of festivals, carnivals, parades and events across the country. More and more holidays are beginning to use face painting as a great activity for kids. Schools can also incorporate it as a station on their annual field day. Halloween may boast the most face painting out of any holiday, but summer fairs and county festivals run close behind. The designs are too innumerable to count. A face can be transformed in its entirety, into an animal, charact........ Read More

Face Painting Book

Most of us like to draw and paint. Some of us are born artist while some of us are just fun painters. Now days one can find different types of painting books in the market. These painting books provide you with steps by steps guidelines to improve your drawing and painting skills. One of such types of painting book are face painting book. Face Painting Book will provide you all the tips and techniques that professional face painter artist use. The painting book provides you with all the fabulo........ Read More

8 Tips For Professional Quality Face Painting

Kids of all ages love to have their faces painted (especially the younger ones!), so it’s the perfect thing to learn how to do if you have young kids… or you’re planning to have a birthday party for your children. With this in mind, I’ve prepared a few tips for people just starting out in face painting. Here they are: 1) If you’re painting a design that needs a large area to be covered with paint, use a sponge instead of a brush. Why? Because applying the paint with a sponge means it........ Read More

Children's Face Painting Designs

Face painting designs are becoming more and more popular these days. It is not only an activity for adults but also for young children. You can have a great time with your friends and other family members by doing face painting. If you want to learn face painting, you should practice often and while you're at it, you should practice on designs that everyone else likes, especially you and your child. Quarreling and teasing is ordinary among children. If you teach your child to do face paint........ Read More


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